Europolish Deutschland GmbH


Europolish Deutschland GmbH was established in Germany in July 2011 as a sales office of EUROPOLISH srl, one of the leading manufacturers of solid and liquid polishing compositions based in Italy, with support of Klaus Adams.

With further recipe modifications and developments Mr. Adams, former owner of Langsol, decisively contributed to process improvements in polishing for many decades. He is responsible for solid and liquid compounds under the registered trademark KASOL®. In 2013 Europolish succeeded in contracting Mr. Obermann, a highly respected specialist in all applications of polishing, as a technical consultant. Mr. Obermann is surely one of the pioneers in the field of solid and liquid polishing compound in Europe. 

EUROPOLISH s.r.l. has more than 60 years of experience in development and the production of polishing compositions. The highly sophisticated product range with brands like EUROPOLISH® and KASOL® are widely used in almost every polishing application in the world of mechanical surface treatment:

Automotive industry, cookware, knives and cutlery, sanitary fittings, door and window handles, stainless steel coils, sheets and tubes, furniture, medical and dental prothesis, implants and equipment, surgical instruments, watches, jewellery, music instruments and lacquered surfaces, etc. 

The foundation of Europolish Deutschland GmbH underlines the EP Group strategical expansions and its aim to closely support its partners in the most important industrial regions of Europe, to provide valuable service and rapid responses. Focussing on the customer necessities, process- and solution orientated thinking and acting are essential factors in supporting our partners.

Europolish Deutschland GmbH has a wide range experience and know-how in the field of mechanical surface treatment and is able to provide innovative polishing solutions for highly specialized customized applications at very competitive conditions.

Our aim is to intensify partnerships, establish long-term relationships and to support the common development locally and globally.